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  • Quality Excellence

    We relentlessly pursue quality excellence, guarantee construction safety and well manage subcontracts, capable of delivering desirable projects, on time, oo budget. We practice international work standards...
    Picture: Hanas Wind Farm
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    Competitive EPCM services

    We are one of China’s most competitive EPCM companies in the power engineering and petrochemical engineering sectors. We are a management-driven company with a strong technical...
    Picture: Hangjinqi Gas Field
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    Internationalized Team

    We have nourished long-term partnerships with the world’s leading technical giants like Technip, Vestas and Siemens to deliver high quality projects and services. Optimizing internal resources...
    Picture: Our Team
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    Winning Records

    Our team leads and manages the pre-construction development and construction process of power engineering and petrochemical engineering projects, and has accumulated rich experiences in project construction...
    Picture: Hangjinqi to Yinchuan Natural Gas Pipeline Connection Project
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