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  • Wind Power Generation Project
    Our Business / Wind Power Generation Project

    Wind Power Generation Project

    We have participated in the construction of 1000MW wind power base. We’re building 300MW wind power project as EPCM.

  • Micro-siting selection for wind farms —— ensure 2400h utilization time
  • Extra-long turbine blade transportation——blade length 55m
  • Construction of foundation platform with high accuracy—— within ± 2mm
  • Lifting of high towers and extra-long blades——tower height 95m
  • High quality construction management of low/mid/high pressure substations and wiring——ensure stable operation of wind farms and the grid
  • 500 top-notch wind turbine generator units with total installed capacity of 1000 MW
  • Established 1x 330 kV substation, 1x 220 kV substation and 4x 110 kV substations with total capacity of 1500 MW
  • Established power lines (330kV、220kV、110kV、35kV) with overall distance of 800KM
  • Hangjinqi to Yinchuan Long Distance Natural Gas Pipeline Project Enters to Final Strech