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  • Gas-based CCHP
    Our Business / Gas-based CCHP

    Gas-based CCHP

    We have participated in the largest gas-based CCHP project in the five northwestern provinces.

  • The largest and most advanced GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear): ensure stable operation of the grid
  • Installation of gas turbine SGT5-2000E: operating temperature reaches 1500 ℃
  • Installation of steam turbines & waste heat recovery boilers
  • Cooling tower construction with height of 20m
  • Construction of main powerhouse with 243m wide-range grid structure: ensure structural stability
  • Total installed capacity hits 1200 MW, including 5x 230 MW units & 1x 64 MW unit
  • 220 kV power line with distance of 30KM
  • Hangjinqi to Yinchuan Long Distance Pipeline Project Inner Mongolia to Yinchuan Part Pigging Test Succeed