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  • LNG Plants
    Our Business / LNG Plants

    LNG Plants

    We have participated in the largest LNG plant in landlocked northwestern China with capacity of 1 mtpa.

  • The largest plant in landlocked northwestern China with capacity of 1 mtpa
  • Installation of pressure pipelines and pressure vessels in ultralow temperature (- 162℃ )
  • Construction of concrete LNG storage tanks in ultralow temperature (- 162 ℃ )
  • High quality welding technology for 06Ni9 steel material of LNG tanks
  • Suspended ceiling airlifting technology for 50,000m³ LNG tanks (zero leaking and precise balancing technology, one-off installation & formation under tight control)
  • Stratification & segmentation concreting technology for the external concrete shell of 50,000m³ LNG tanks
  • Lossless man hours of safe construction have reached 4.7 million
  • Putian LNG Terminals Front-end Project Finished