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    Project Mgmt. / Project Construction Management

    Project Construction Management

    We insist a combination of QHSE and actual situation on site


  • Set goals & indicators for safety
  • Set safety management procedures
  • Education & trainings for new employees
  • Develop assessment system for safety check-up
  • Hold regular meetings on safety
  • Quality

  • 5S onsite management
  • Specific pre-operation guidance from skilled professionals
  • Examination & testing strictly in line with national standards
  • Guidance for and recording of processes of concealed and key projects
  • Modification

  • Detect problems in a timely manner
  • Communicate instantly with the supervisor and owner
  • Apply for modification in writing
  • Review and approval by the owner
  • Project Volume

  • Present reports on project volume on a regular basis
  • Signature by the supervisor and owner level by level
  • Settlement

  • Present to the owner the report on settlement and supporting documents
  • Urge to finalize project settlement
  • Putian LNG Terminals Front-end Project Finished