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    Project Mgmt. / Project Procurement Management

    Project Procurement Management

    From procurement to quality control, from the contract to the process of tracking, we always adhere to scientific rigorous and efficient management philosophy.

    Diversified Forms

  • Open Tendering + Selective Tendering
  • Qualified/ designated supplier
  • Budgeting & Review of base bid price before bid opening
  • Bid Evaluation Report in writing
  • Make regular reports & confirm the winning bidder item by item
  • Best Quality

  • World-famous leading brands
  • APCI
  • Vestas
  • ABB
  • Rigorous Signing Process

  • Consensus with the winning bidder according to the bidding result
  • Report on preparation work & confirm contracts that can be signed
  • Check-up, approval, signature & sealing
  • Effective Tracking

  • Tracking scheduling, production & delivery in real-time
  • Production supervised by the third party
  • Tracking transportation in real-time
  • Image and video recording of receipt of goods
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